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How to avoid the failure of capital and market frenzy of convenience stores?


In December 2018 06, 08:44 source: The daily worker

In the closed shop after more than three months, the day before, in the Beijing city core area of the convenience store next door seal, is sublet or being sought to offer. The property of the debtor shall be sealed in the neighborhood, nearly 3000 employees to apply for arbitration.

The convenience store as the domestic retail industry a dark horse, in pursuit of intimate services and creativity. The rapid expansion of the company out of the more than 160 convenience stores in more than two years, this year 8 months, because of good financial business P2P shareholders Lin detonator lead to capital chain rupture, between all the stores shut down all night.

Who called himself "the neighbors next door convenience stores, is committed to become the most warm heart of the lives of consumers in the butler service, also in the scope and quality of service are under the foot work, still can not escape the fate of collapse. The defeat for today's rapid development of the Chinese convenience store industry, will bring what kind of enlightenment?

Capital flocked to the convenience store industry

In recent years, because the online traffic bonus peaked, the line is considered to be an important entrance to get traffic, the integration of online and offline is also considered the future trend. The convenience store because of the small space, distance and consumer, can be integrated with electronic business platform, so the air station on the capital. For a time, the online retail giant, FMCG major brands and Internet Co have incoming, only in Beijing, there is full time, next door, bee, bees love fresh convenience dozen new convenience store brand.

Whether the Alibaba or Jingdong Ma Yun Liu Qiangdong, in the convenience store industry investment or acquisition, and even their own construction shops (such as Ma Yun unmanned supermarket, box horse Xiansheng and Liu Qiangdong super species), enter the convenience store industry.

According to a report published in the industry research institute, convenience stores in China in recent years the rapid development, the number of stores in a spurt of development, 2017 Chinese brand convenience store industry growth rate reached 23%, the market size of over 190 billion yuan.

The convenience store is in the line of small air, especially in 2018, financing convenience store market news constantly, because optimistic about the capital of convenience stores, is the value of the line flow entrance. Including convenience, convenience, see Fu Today every day have convenient access to financing, which facilitate the Today valuation of more than 3 billion yuan.

In August this year, Rui was announced to enter the coffee light food market, to the end of the year all the stores all light food will be half off discount, and announced before the end of the year will be built in the 2000 stores. According to Swiss lucky coffee co-founder, senior vice president Guo Jinyi, Rui Xing coffee since operation has completed the layout of the stores 809, service users more than 350, sales volume of more than 1800 cup.

In fact, convenience stores in rapid expansion, stepping up staking continued to high temperature environment under the influence of "too impatient" rush, exposed some violation of the law of retail development problems. Reporters noted that these stores have closed the convenience store brands have opened only a few years ago, the rise in capital and capital in the crowd, had ended after fracture".

P2P quick returns and slow retail industry conflict

As a new force in the convenience store, the self in the industry benchmark, and continue with the quality of products and services to establish their own brand image, translation of the "Family Near By", very vivid interpretation of the spirit of the brand. Once appeared in New York times square known as the crossroads of the world, known as the representative of Chinese convenience store industry to the world of sound, but ill fated.

It is reported that in August 1st came next door convenience stores 168 stores shut down all night, not only because of its monthly loss of about 5 million, but only P2P business investor "its good financial forest" thunder, legal surrender, resulting in capital chain rupture, fully closed shop.

The move is far more than the next door. When Beijing convenience store was founded in 2011, Fuhua Holdings Limited 61% stake, is the largest shareholder. It is understood that the Fuhua Holdings P2P financial platform walrus has been postponed for nearly 3 months, the outbreak of serious payment crisis, thereby affecting the Fuhua holdings of capital chain.

Insiders pointed out that the return period is long, the convenience store is not high profit margins in the industry, in the traditional retail industry are long-term slow. It is only in recent years, with the city China process to a stage of a turning point, as well as the upgrading of consumption of small business development dividend. Many of the newly created local convenience store brands and Japanese convenience stores, in the past 4 years has been the rapid growth trend shop.

Midnight August 1st Wang Chuyun founder of the open letter Shuabing routing mentioned in part because the polar route broken cash flow and its "0 yuan purchase" partners "I wealth": I "Shenzhen Qianhai Fu wealth main capital management Limited" suspected "illegal deposits from the public" in June 21st after investigation, the I project maturity suspended wealth platform payment, stop new investment targets, all core channels under the frame of Jingdong 0 yuan to buy financial products, a large number of users and dealers to return, the supplier requires immediate payment due, the route by the throat.

Further, millet group's financial products in the promotion of P2P platform in VIP millet and millet in July 24th, in which a plurality of P2P platform users broke thunder, millet app store first time line more than 3000 financial APP. Up to now, preliminary statistics, the number of consumer complaints related to the risk of P2P platform millet total 429 people, involving an amount of about 40 million yuan.

The insiders told reporters, a new brand of convenience stores, and early back-end infrastructure investment is very heavy. The number of stores in limited circumstances, how to ensure the quality of sales, store operations between the level and the supplier business cycle is, there are many tests.

In brand creation within two years, to solve the store operation is gross profit level, is already the industry very good business case. As for the implementation of the overall profitability of the company's headquarters for many new brands, is not the time to see the dawn.

In April this year, 131 convenience stores announced 40 million yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is Chunxiao capital. At that time, 131 convenience stores in Beijing has 31 stores, the average daily sales of about 9000 yuan, the highest close to 20 thousand yuan. Founder Chen Dengwang said, 2018 year plan landing 100 convenience stores in Beijing. The concern is that capital is joroy loan Chunxiao, cat and many other P2P platform enrichment of investment, and the platforms were recently overdue.

The collapse and crisis of start-up companies from the capital chain rupture, it was already buried "mine", even continuous thunder P2P may be just the tip of the iceberg, entrepreneurs should change to the policy and external environment to build a stronger consciousness.

How do we open a convenience store longer?

Since this year, capital is tight, VC began to shuffle. P2P ray began to transfer to the venture capital fund, and start-up companies, formed a chain. The CEO Wang Lei earlier told the media: "investors had asked them to open 20000 convenience stores a year, because investors do not understand the industry. Through two years of investment mode, gradually understand the business of the convenience store."

With the Chinese city to accelerate, accelerate the pace of life, into the community and the business district around convenience stores are more popular, to meet the user needs in a timely manner. Undoubtedly, convenience store market huge development space.

As president of Chinese Franchise Association Pei Liang introduced: "from the convenience store of their management level, is still in the primary level of an extensive type, China's current retail market, convenience stores and supermarkets accounted for roughly 8% of more than 92% convenience stores, has huge development potential and space.

Data show that, compared with a convenience store in the United States and Japan every 2000 people, Chinese density only every ten thousand more than a talent. At present, first-tier cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen convenience store market is relatively mature, the density of developed countries. First-tier cities like this, a large number of two or three line city, there is a huge space extension around. The data report shows that even in more developed areas like Chongqing, Tianjin, saturation only every 10 thousand ~4 million people in a convenience store.

The convenience store industry is the cost of rent and labor costs are too high, profitability is relatively low, most of the domestic convenience store is not how to make money." A convenience store industry practitioners say.

According to the China Franchise Association released the "2018 report" China convenience store, convenience store industry operating costs are rising rapidly, the main reason is the rent and labor, which rent costs rise 18%, the rising cost of hydropower 6.9%, rising labor costs 12%.

Chinese CCPIT Zhao Ping director of International Trade Research Institute of the Ministry said: "the convenience store business seems simple, in fact the industry cost control difficulty is much higher than other retail formats. If the enterprise cost control failure, supply chain management is not perfect, and the product brand to buy low frequency, to keep up with the pace of change of market demand, the convenience store is very difficult to make a profit."

In addition, drink watchers believe Ma Lei, part of the convenience store brand regardless of their own blind expansion, but also lead to the embarrassing situation of an important reason.

Retail expert Hu Chuncai told reporters that the convenience store if the store is not profitable, is not only on the scale. Many super final closure is for this reason, no single store profit do it desperately expansion, the store opened more and more blood loss.

Hu Chuncai believes that all the time in the capital market and enthusiasm, hope entrepreneurs can be more rational to go its own way, a good balance between revenue and cost, fine operation, timely adjust the direction of the enterprises.

(commissioning editor Han Ying and Zhang Chen)

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