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PPmoney denied the dissolution of "flash marriage" ofo stores to "yellow"?


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2018, ofo is destined to be a year of sadness.

The deposit is difficult to retreat, bankruptcy reorganization, capital chain breaking news nightmare lingering.

At the same time, PPmoney P2P financial lending platform through the storm tide is the crisis. The problem facing the tightening of regulatory policy, the dissolution of the Department of rumors, traffic growth slowed down, struggling.

They have to come together for their purpose, but ofo and PPmoney "flash marriage" in less than five days, the two sides issued a joint statement, because some details of the cooperation, the activities temporarily offline.

The "after" PPmoney first encountered crisis. In November 30th, WeChat public, "red wind control way" said several stores in Pearl River Delta PPmoney announced in November 30th and disbanded, overdue wages and commissions. But the PPmoney "not true" denied.

But in tighter financial regulation, P2P storm tide under the environment of P2P net loan industry encountered "cold winter", this is an indisputable fact. At the end of November 2018, the number of P2P net loan industry dropped to 1181 normal operating platform. Compared to the end of October fell by 25, and fourth consecutive months without new on-line platform.

P2P net loan industry went to the crossroads. Ouyang Rihui, vice president of Central University of Finance and Economics Chinese Internet Economic Research Institute believes that the liquidity crisis, net loan platform credit crisis and moral crisis intertwined, led the industry to panic, investor confidence is affected greatly; the head platform, large scale platform and investors think the "background" platform is also a problem, or even collapse and run away. The development prospects of the industry can not help worrying.

Today, through storm tide PPmoney, the crisis has not been cancelled.


The crisis from WeChat, "red wind control". In November 30th, the WeChat published "the PPmoney empty, eight departments have been disbanded! "The article said, PPmoney some important departments have been disbanded in November 30th.

The dissolution of the "eight departments" refers to the mortgage business, factoring division (Tonghui factoring company division), capital (more than ten million of the lending business), small loan refinancing business, guarantee division (Guangdong Nasta Company limited by guarantee), supply chain finance division, division, a car loan step Car Buying Division (Maxwell Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.). At present, the remaining loan and division (network of microfinance) still maintain.

The article also said that the current ppmoney still owed more than a month employee bonus, should not the Commission, a total of more than 200 yuan. The cuts do not send commissions, not according to the labor law to pay economic compensation, resulting in most of the staff to the collective arbitration, arbitration has been filed, awaiting trial.

In this regard, the people of PPmoney venture capital (ID:renminct) said that the 11 month 30 days, has spread from the media about our rumors, backbiting of our normal operation. The same day, in the PPmoney Wan Hui group chairman Chen Baoguo, PPmoney net loan CEO Hu new under the leadership of the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau Director Ou Junqing local platforms are investigated.

PPmoney Maxwell Group Chairman Chen Baoguo said, in the industry sensitive period, from the individual media to horror titles and false content Bo eye, causing adverse effects. There are a number of lenders to ask, investors do platform is patience and communication to explain the work report to the public security organs; at the same time, the company is also the first time, and has received a receipt of the report.

Chen Baoguo said the industry is a sensitive period, 2018 years P2P net loan platform, run away and contraction of business hammerburst tighter financial regulation and other issues.

According to the net loan home data show that as of 11 may 2018 the end of the year, a total closure and platform reached 5245, the cumulative number of P2P net loan industry platform to reach 6426 (including business and platform).

"This past e rent treasure and other different closures." Ouyang Rihui said that in 2018 P2P net loan industry business, liquidation and other problems the number of platforms appear again trend, because of the comprehensive effect of regulatory compliance, mismanagement and other factors, the initiative announced overdue, restructuring, liquidation and exit platform increased significantly.


2018, P2P net loan platform is particularly difficult for a year.

In June this year to late July in just 50 days, about 212 net loan platform, the platform run away lost business, cash difficulties, take the initiative to withdraw from the situation, the average daily issue platform for as many as 4.24.

This includes Tang Xiaoseng, Lianbi finance, money treasure net, Ya Tang and other well-known financial platform, if the platform each 5000 investors estimate that as many as millions of victims.

Hammerburst policy and regulatory environment P2P net loan platform are not unrelated. From July 2015 the central bank and other ten ministries jointly issued a "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet financial regulatory policy, in a step by step gradually tighter.

Especially in 2017, the CBRC has issued "the network lending funds depository business guidelines" and "network information lending agency business information disclosure guidelines", the central bank and other seventeen departments jointly issued the "notice" on further improving the Internet financial risk special rectification work, net loan regulation office issued a "notice on a good P2P network lending risk rectification rectification work".

Regulation of the gate tightly pulled down, P2P net loan platform storm tide. In 2018 the economic winter environment, "they live" has become the primary task of this year.

Ouyang Rihui said, P2P net loan platform from intensive industries, in the short term on the net loan industry will have a reputational risk, will affect the confidence of investors. But institutions out of the education market, investor education is the most direct way, in the long term, just break against the market clearing, the whole industry must go through the pains. Do not experience loss lessons, the market will never grow.

Ouyang Rihui believes that if a market exit mechanism, a lot of zombie companies, institutions occupy resources, this is an inefficient market. Special rectification target of P2P net loan industry is to establish long-term mechanism of regulation, the exit mechanism is an important part of long-term mechanism. So, with the mutual risk special rectification work in depth, compliance requirements fall, net loan industry exit and market clearing will continue, it will be a normal.

PPmoney is one of the net loan platform through the storm tide. PPmoney of people's venture capital (ID:renminct) said that as of September 30, 2018, PPmoney net loan total service has more than 36 million users, the number of borrowers a total of 5 million 123 thousand people, per capita total loan amount is about 15000 yuan.

However, huge and gorgeous behind the data, PPmoney is refers to the abolition of the mortgage division and other eight departments, it has also become a microcosm of the economic winter.

PPmoney net loan platform was established in 2012 by the Cci Capital Ltd, Maxwell operation. The latter is a wholly owned subsidiary of PPmoney group's maxwell.

The venture capital (ID:renminct) was informed that in the enterprises in the data check, chairman of PPmoney group is Maxwell PPmoney operator Maxwell Cci Capital Ltd helm Chen Baoguo. At the same time, Chen Baoguo also serves as the regional internet financial product development experts, Guangdong Internet Finance Association, Guangdong Technology Association vice president, vice president of modern service industry in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province credit guarantee association and other duties.

Check the enterprise data show that in 16 Chen Baoguo also directly related with the Maxwell Cci Capital Ltd or similar industry enterprises as legal persons indirectly, and served as executive director and general manager of the board of supervisors or other senior management positions in 19 companies, holding individuals or by the enterprise related companies reached 18.


Now, it is under the leadership of Chen Baoguo, PPmoney caught up with the tide of Internet financial development.

In August 2015, the Cci Capital Ltd of the holding company of Guangzhou Wan Hui Hui Holdings Polytron Technologies Inc backdoor days Rui technology successfully listed on the new board.

At the time, published in the people's Bank of China and several ministries "promote the healthy development of Internet financial guidance", high-quality practitioners qualified agencies are encouraged to listed on the motherboard, the gem in the capital market, to encourage Internet financial institutions to broaden the financing channels.

The Internet financial net loan platform ushered in the rapid rush period. PPmoney became a member of the dividend policy.

At the time of the data in PPmoney, in the 2013 year 12 month platform total turnover amounted to 1 billion, while the 2015 year 12 month, PPmoney monthly revenue of 20 million 500 thousand yuan, the 2015 annual revenues of nearly 245 million yuan, 2 million 724 thousand new users, brokered financing amounting to 28 billion 724 million yuan.

Here, PPmoney Wan Hui group obtained anhorn capital brought 200 million yuan A round of financing investment, net loan platform business constantly adjusted, from doing business loans and guarantees related business, gradually converted to consumer finance, auto finance, rural financial business model.

In 2016, 375 million yuan B round of financing PPmoney received anhorn capital, cross-border through the actual control of Yang Jianxin and Guangdong Thailand shares the largest shareholder of Guangzhou Yuetai holding group.

Also this year, PP money profit annual revenue of 341 million yuan, net profit of 36 million 130 thousand yuan. This data to September 2017, monthly revenue 327 million yuan, net profit of 109 million yuan, gross margin reached 80%.

However, by 2017, in financial enterprises under the new policy of the new board can not finance, many Internet financial companies delisting of the new board, Guangzhou Wan Hui Holdings Polytron Technologies Inc to become a member.

However, these did not affect the PPmoney to obtain capital favor.

In July 2018, PPmoney Maxwell group obtained 600 million yuan C round of financing, investors include country Jinhui, Hui Yin De Ming Tai Qing, capital and other well-known institutions, Cathay Pacific road.

In November this year, PPmoney held the third quarter business work report, the disclosure of the unaudited financial data: 2018 1-9, platform revenue to maintain an upward trend, as of the end of the third quarter of the overall platform cumulative revenue of nearly 800 million yuan, the cumulative operating profit to maintain growth momentum, the first three quarters of 2018, an increase of 109%, growth of 116%.

In July this year, said Chen Baoguo C conference in PPmoney round of financing, PPmoney Maxwell group, will further enhance the products, risk control, technology, talent, brand, operation and other areas of investment, provide a better effect for the investment of more than 30 million registered users and loan inclusive financial services.


Today, Chen Baoguo's heroic utterance lingering sound, but the P2P net loan platform already hammerburst constantly struggling.

This time, the negative news in the field of bike sharing ofo continuously, from the international market, bankruptcy reorganization and capital chain rupture and other topics, have been repeatedly mentioned.

In this way, ofo and PPmoney hit it off, the two sides reached a cooperation, heating.

In November 23rd, ofo users in the deposit, the deposit of 99 yuan recharge, the refund was reminded must agree to become a PPmoney user.

In PPmoney and ofo's original cooperation plan, ofo deposit of 99 yuan to become the new user to upgrade a key user of PPmoney, which is approved and agreed to 99 yuan deposit ofo successfully upgraded to 100 yuan of specific assets of PPmoney. After a successful upgrade, specific asset default loan PPmoney novice welfare projects. At the same time, the historical annualized rate of 8%+8% novice welfare, locked for a period of 30 days after the expiration of the lock, the user can apply for exit and exit at the success can be obtained after the corresponding interest, but users want to check the balance, you need to download the PPmoney software and register.

According to news reports when the ofo user interface, authorize the deposit into PPmoney financial, PPmoney will pay ofo 100 yuan / person diversion fee, including interest rate.

That is to say, in the original plan, PPmoney only need to pay 201.3 yuan can successfully get a new user.

PPmoney Wan Hui group to the people's venture capital (ID:renminct) disclosure, as of June 9 2018 30, PPmoney cumulative net loan service users has more than 3600 million, the number of loan amount is 512.3 million, the cumulative per capita loan amount is about 15000 yuan; at the third quarter of this year, the platform cumulative revenue of nearly 8 billion yuan.

Behind the seemingly good results of the growth slowdown is an indisputable fact. 2017, PPmoney increased the number of registered users close to 162 million people. And in 2018 1 to October, the new platform will increase by only more than 680 thousand, the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the new traffic difficult reality, also occurred in the PPmoney platform.

The PPmoney in the "double eleven" marketing, see one or two.

In the eleven year of double flow battlefield public number PPmoney, Koi marketing tweets reading quantity is more than 3000, higher than the push platform in the past. But the traffic conversion rate is the number of public reading how to flow into the new PPmoney users, it is difficult to predict.

A ripple. In compliance with the deposit to the net loan platform, operation process and the legitimacy of the public questioned before, PPmoney and ofo cooperation between the two sides of the joint statement said, between ofo and PPmoney is a normal user in cooperation, to be fully informed of the contents of authorization, can according to their actual needs to choose whether to participate in the activity.

PPmoney of people's venture capital (ID:renminct) said, PPmoney net loan cooperation with ofo is a cross industry cooperation to normal, belongs to commercial activity. "Because of confidentiality agreements, to disclose the specific details of cooperation."

In fact, not only PPmoney a net loan platform with ofo to explore cooperation.

According to the Beijing News reported, ofo net loan platform for large-scale targeting commercial realization, and Wanda Pratt & Whitney, swimmy money, credit, loan, nine, Fuwanka Bai province to white flowers, 360 IOU, little number of net loan platform to achieve cooperation, in its App "look" and "wallet" and other columns embedded related net loan platform promotion service.

From a marketing perspective, is more successful." Deputy director of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and financial law chamber Yin Zhentao said that the cooperation design of ofo and PPmoney for ordinary users "and what is not a bad thing," ofo in the nervous capital period, and the user needs to extract the deposit, users on the ofo platform waiting and waiting for the return of deposit on the platform of PPmoney, the time is not the difference is too big. Such cooperation is good for both sides of the platform, ofo funds to ease the pressure, in today's PPmoney net loan industry storm tide situation, also can increase for the customer and brand publicity.

Yin Zhentao said that the cooperation in abeyance, essentially because of the two industries are the focus of attention, the two industries in the recent outbreak of the industry events are more, brought more attention to public opinion.

Yin Zhentao also believes that the net loan industry is now in the darkness before dawn". With mutual gold nearly two years of special rectification to promote, market changes in the regulatory environment and investors more rational assets, channels and other factors, the net loan industry survival of the fittest will become the norm.

He said, in the process of market in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore may disappear, some of the platform, investors may fail, but it will eventually leave the legality of the net loan platform, development environment will usher in a better future.

(Huang Sheng, commissioning editor Zhang Chen)

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