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Every organization adjustment will not ride on the line of business

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138479.xyz 12 month 5 Xinhua (Han Ying) today, drops travel in administrative micro-blog issued employee letter said, will adjust the organizational structure and safety management system, and set up a network platform about the car company. This adjustment does not involve the ride business, relevant staff said, on-line time is to ride safety demonstration.

The staff believe that this structure mainly has several aspects:

A, will upgrade the safety management system, emergency office organization working group, and to employ the relevant experts as a security adviser.

Second, set up the network platform about the car company, strengthen the construction of the driving system, and the establishment of an open platform.

Third, the establishment of the new service, the construction vehicle operators and owners of the service platform, explore the new retail car.

Four, the establishment of inclusive travel and services group, refinement of B2B services.

Five, upgrade the taxi taxi business products, product upgrades and new format integration development.

Six, upgrade financial management and legal system, enhance economic efficiency and safety margin.

(commissioning editor Han Ying and Zhang Chen)

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