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Silver CIRC will set the goal of "125" of private loans

Lu Lu Sun

In November 2018 09, 09:12 source: Securities Times News Network

Following the central bank governor Yi Gang this week with "real money" position to policy support for private financing, silver CIRC chairman Guo Shuqing also said to set the goal of "125" of private loans. A series of regulatory policy support is gradually fall.

The day before, Guo Shuqing said in an interview, silver CIRC will start from "stable, change, extension, Teng, drop etc. to solve the financing problems of private enterprises. Preliminary consideration of loans to private enterprises to achieve the "125" target, namely in the new corporate loans, loans to large banks to private enterprises is not less than 1/3, small and medium sized banks is not less than 2/3, for three years, loans in the banking sector to private enterprises accounted for the new corporate loans ratio of not less than 50%.

Five aspects of sustained force

Guo Shuqing said that this year, the financial management sector continued to force in five aspects:

One is stable, stable, stable financing confidence and expectations. The central bank, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly issued silver relevant departments, put forward specific measures in many aspects. As of the end of 9, the banking financial institutions lending to private enterprises accounted for the proportion of loans of nearly 1/4, growth rate continues to rise.

The two is the change, reform and improve the supervision of financial institutions appraisal and incentive and restraint mechanisms, the performance assessment and support linked to the private economy, optimization and fault tolerance mechanism of due diligence exemption. The first three quarters of the single family credit 10 million yuan (including 19.8%) growth Small and micro businesses loans, is expected to two by two control "can be successfully completed.

Three is the "extension", broaden the financing channels for private enterprises, the integrated use of direct financing and indirect financing channels, to fully mobilize the resources of all kinds of financial credit, bonds, equity financing, trust, insurance, etc..

The fourth is "teng". Increase the disposal of non-performing assets, revitalize the stock of credit to promote market-oriented legal debt, the establishment of a joint credit mechanism, make more funds to support private enterprises.

The five is down". Take measures to reduce the cost of financing of private enterprises, to urge financial institutions relief services, optimize service processes, develop differentiated loan interest rates target. As of the end of the three quarter, the 18 major commercial banks of Small and micro businesses average interest rate of 6.23%, compared with a quarter fell about 0.7 percentage points.

It is worth noting that, in order to promote the increase of private bank loan support, silver CIRC based on considering Small and micro businesses loans set policy objectives, private lending is also set a goal.

At the beginning of the silver CIRC Small and micro businesses loans made "two additional two control". The "increase" refers to the single family credit total 1000 million yuan (including) the growth rate of Small and micro businesses loans of not less than the growth rate of loans over the same period, the number of loans not less than the level of the previous year; "control" refers to the reasonable control of Small and micro businesses loans and loan quality cost.

Guo Shuqing said, because the private enterprise from the bank loan and its proportion in the economy is not matched, does not adapt. Therefore, financial services for private enterprises, will also set the corresponding policy objectives, to allow private enterprises to obtain sufficient financial support from financial institutions, preliminary consideration of loans to private enterprises to realize the aim of "125".

The private enterprises can not simply "across the board"

Private enterprises in the banking system has the problem of financing, a very important reason is that the banks can not loan, unwilling to lend. Therefore, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the bank is the key.

In this regard, Guo Shuqing said, to promote the formation of private enterprise loans, loans, would dare to loan credit culture, and implement the whole process of credit, the banking financial institutions are willing to do, can do, will do the business of private enterprises.

The so-called "dare loan, is to require banking institutions to establish due diligence exemption, error tolerance mechanism, accelerate the development of supporting measures to amend the unreasonable system, stimulate the services of private enterprises endogenous power. The so-called "loan", is the demand of credit resources of banking financial institutions to tilt to the private enterprises, formulate special credit policy, delegated approval authority, a separate credit line to ensure private enterprises always maintain full credit space. The so-called "willing to loan", is to fully consider the operating characteristics of private enterprises, to re-examine and review and revision of the original incentive mechanism, to pay in private enterprise staff effort, the responsibility of matching with the incentive to enjoy, fully mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative.

In addition, Guo Shuqing stressed that the silver CIRC requires banking institutions must not engage in simple "across the board" to meet objective treatment of the difficulties in the development of private enterprises, the implementation of differentiated credit policy, take meticulous and targeted measures to help private enterprises to get rid of the trouble.

Specifically, there are three main categories: the first category is the enterprise sudden risk events in environmental protection, production safety, product quality etc.. This situation needs one policy one by one analysis, to help take to resolve and improve methods and measures. The second category is the credit default. For example, business loans or bonds do not expire, this problem is more prominent this year. Banks and enterprises as a community of interests, with the face of difficulties, analysis of the specific reasons, not simply off the loans, loans and loan pumping pressure, to avoid a fatal blow to the enterprise, also reduced the bank's own credit losses. The three category is for private entrepreneurs suspected of violating the law or with the discipline inspection and supervision of investigation and other events, require the banking institutions to strengthen local government report, communication, to ensure the production and operation of private enterprises, private enterprises and stable employment confidence. The relevant banking financial institutions to form a creditors' committee to take concerted action.

(commissioning editor Huang Lingli and Zhang Chen)

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