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The Wuzhen Summit: the pattern of network security strategy


In November 2018 09, 09:02 source: Chinese Youth Network

In November 7th, the fifth World Conference kicked off the internet. Wuzhen about like a walk in the Internet world wupengchuan, again rujierzhi. The digital world session of the general assembly to create mutual trust governance -- to build cyberspace community of destiny "as the theme, focusing on network security is one of the issues of communication.

In today's world, information technology change rapidly, the vigorous development of the digital economy burst, greatly changed people's production and life style, lead the mankind to create the digital world. A network brings civilization and progress to mankind, on the other hand, it also brings a lot of threat and disaster. The Internet world is like the ocean like ocean freely, both have extensive will have raging danger.

The Internet as a fifth space, it is of strategic significance to national security, no network security is no national security. So, to prevent network network security risk, strategy pattern has become a touchstone for consideration of national governance wisdom.

As president Xi Jinping stressed in a letter of congratulations to the World Conference of the Internet in the world, although the challenges of different conditions, different stages of development, the Internet facing different, but to promote the development of the digital economy, the same desire to deal with network security challenges of the same interests, to strengthen the governance of cyberspace needs the same. All countries should deepen pragmatic cooperation, to advance power, aim to win, out of a mutual trust governance path, make cyberspace fate more vigor and vitality. President Xi Jinping expressed his national security concerns as in the past, but also pointed out the direction for the pattern of network security strategy.

In April 20th this year, the national network and information security work conference, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that informationization brings a good opportunity for the Chinese nation. We must seize the historical opportunity for the development of sensitive information online, strengthen positive publicity, maintain network security, promote the information field of core technological breakthroughs and play a leading role in economic and social development of information technology, strengthen the network information field of civil military integration, active participation in the international cyberspace governance process, independent innovation and promote the construction of power networks, and make new contributions to the victory a comprehensive well-off society, to seize the new era of great victory, Chinese socialism the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream.

Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the Internet, the development of Internet, Internet governance, co-ordination of major issues involving political, economic, cultural, social, military and other areas of information technology and network security, a series of major decisions and put forward a series of major initiatives to promote the historic achievements in network business. In recent years, the establishment of "network security law", "national security strategy" and "cyberspace cyberspace international cooperation strategy" the introduction of a series of regulations and normative documents issued, a set of standardized system consummation...... Network security laws and policies to "network security law" as the core of the framework has been basically formed.

At the same time, network governance level increased significantly, the network security capabilities significantly enhanced, network security personnel training has made a breakthrough, the network security safeguard the interests of users, network security technology industry vigorous development, overall financial network security guard, etc.. The world Internet congress made a major move to network security, Internet financial China light Expo Certification Center (CFCA) provides a thick pen color appearance of the platform, CFCA brings six new information security technology and solutions: fast identity authentication system, FIDO + network identity authentication platform, paperless operation solution signed electronic contract signing scheme, secure platform, cloud services, mobile electronic signature card CFCA data service. The product is currently in the bank, e-government, bidding, the third party payment, supply chain logistics, mature many fields of application, provide information security professional assured for customer and user.

Network without borders, to prevent network risk, boost network security, mutual trust among countries in the world of governance is very necessary. On the afternoon of the opening day at the world Internet Conference, China Electronic Science and technology of Network Information Security Co. Ltd. (Chinese network) and Russia's Kabasiji Laboratory (Kabasiji) signed a strategic cooperation memorandum in Wuzhen. Memorandum of cooperation agreement, both sides agreed in the foundation had carried out strategic cooperation, deepen industrial security, threat intelligence, safety training and other aspects of cooperation, and rotating International Forum held in Russia Cyberspace Security "T3".

Today, people continue to sail in the ocean of the internet. The digital economy, the hottest time standard, is pointing to the vast sea of information in the rugged island. The pattern of the island is a large network security strategy, stick to clear and secure in a vast expanse of water. (China youth network commentator Cai Enze)

(commissioning editor Huang Lingli and Zhang Chen)

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