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The country's first business platform v. poor division court case has sued Ali criminally poor division claims 1 yuan


In November 2018 09, 08:53 source: Legal Network

Do not give money, is bad? Once the rights abuse assessment Dumou, qiumou Zhang, three people in the network, from criminal sanctions, and faces from the business platform of the civil responsibility.

In November 8th, the country's first business platform v. poor division case in Jiangsu Province Haimen City People's court trial throughout the webcast Alibaba in tort, the use of three malicious bad businesses, extortion criminal judgment has been poor division to court, requesting the court to pay 1 yuan, and in the apology taobao.com page apology.

The first step in combat

"Hit 1 yuan lawsuit is not compensation, more is to alert a poor teacher and educate the public, clear the parties in the electronic business platform in the trading activities of the behavior boundary, to create a more favorable business environment for the majority of businesses and consumers." Alibaba senior legal expert Zhang Yiwen told the "Legal Daily" reporter, the first step in this case just Ali against malicious bad behavior, the future will jointly suffer businesses to sue.

"Du Mou three people's behavior, not only directly harm the blackmail business interests, but also violated the right of Ali evaluation data of the legitimate rights and interests, the more serious is to mislead consumers, destroy the good business environment." 11 8 April morning, in Haimen court trial, the plaintiff Alibaba said.

The trial, Zhang Qiu, appear in court. In court, Zhang Qiu and on my mistake and regret, once choked, "we recognize their own bad behavior is detrimental to the interests of the plaintiff and the seller, willing to compensate the plaintiff and apologize for taking this as a lesson." The two defendants appealed to Ali and the burden of proof have no objection.

Probation with penalty

In fact, before Ali was on the court, Dumou, qiumou, Zhang 3 people due to the use of poor online merchants was blackmail and impose exactions on criminal punishment.

In April 2017, Du Mou, Zhang Qiu, three people by the seller is very concerned about bad psychology, through shopping malicious false poor, then write to delete the poor as a hostage, asking for money to the seller. The security department in the Alibaba received the business report, to assist the police cracked the case.

According to the police investigation, 3 people in carry out bad things for a blackmail and impose exactions on clear division of labor: Du Mou is responsible for the selection of shops and goods on the Internet, qiumou by the purchase of goods, goods receipt, directly to the store by the poor, Dumou Dumou in contact with the business; and businesses to catch the line, began demanding money and bargaining, allows businesses to either huaqianxiaozai, or more people to give you bad "; Qiu see profitable, then pull Sister Zhang together.

Before the arrest, the trio were 5 blackmail and impose exactions on businesses, each 600 yuan -8800 yuan, a total of 2 million yuan. Surprisingly, in this case the qiumou was a civil servant in Jiangxi, wanted to rely on this part-time to earn a little money, did not expect to embark on the road of crime. In July 2017, the police will be taking office building office she brought to the police.

In November 2017, the court sentenced to blackmail and impose exactions on Haimen Dumou three people on probation, fined. Made a criminal verdict in Haimen court, in August this year, Ali Dumou three evaluation system to inject malicious false data and damage evaluation data of Ali enjoy rights, the alleged infringement on the grounds, and filed a civil lawsuit against Haimen court, the three defendants claims 1 yuan, and in taobao.com to our home merchants to apologize.

Cracked more than 20 cases

"Ali hit 1 yuan lawsuit, asked the defendant Taobao apology, not for compensation, more is to alert malicious behavior, clear the parties in the electronic business platform in the trading activities of the behavior boundary." Zhang Yiwen said the lawsuit itself is a bad way to improve the cost of illegal, the bad teacher, Shesu after responding to itself is a cost and psychological deterrent.

Because of massive commodity information online, now a lot of consumers shopping online selection of merchandise, are used to look at other consumer shopping evaluation, credit evaluation system has become one of the important reference of consumer decision making; and the existence of malicious bad, but for the original objective is to cause pollution to the consumer evaluation content, infringement of its integrity and real.

For malicious bad behavior in recent years, Ali constantly improve the complaints mechanism, upgrade evaluation rules, such as the opening of the official evaluation of complaints platform, businesses in the poor by malicious blackmail, can log on the platform to submit the unreasonable evaluation of complaints complaints.

In addition, Ali is also assisting with law enforcement agencies to crack down on the bad teacher. According to the Alibaba sources, since 2017 to carry out special operations to combat malicious behavior, Ali has cooperated with the public security organs cracked more than 20 cases of the use of malicious bad to blackmail the business case.

Zhang Yiwen said, the future will jointly Ali businesses jointly sued the victim. It is understood that at present, Ali has been in Hangzhou Internet court another criminal punishment poor division gang.

"Ali adhere to the community, to combat cooperation through a variety of ways like malicious bad review such malicious behavior. Our ultimate goal, is to create a more favorable business environment for the majority of businesses and consumers, truly make good lights, let can't do anything bad." Alibaba chief platform officer Zheng Junfang said governance.

(commissioning editor Huang Lingli and Zhang Chen)

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